deliciously different

Deliciously Different

Finally, cookie dough even mom would approve of! Rebel Cookie Dough allows you to indulge in the nostalgic, comforting flavor of raw cookie dough, without any risk! From our classic Rebel Chocolate Chunk to our Triple Threat Chocolate Brownie made with real HERSHEY’S® mini Kisses, our deliciously sinful edible cookie dough flavors are 100% safe to eat because we use NO egg and NO raw flour, meaning you can still be a Rebel and get your cookie dough fix, but with no fear! Combine your delicious edible cookie dough with one (or many!) of our scrumptious and unique topping choices and the variety of wicked concoctions you can create is nearly endless!
For those looking for a different kind of sweet treat, try our rotating selection of GIANT freshly baked gourmet Monster Cookies, each one a whopping 4.5 ounces of delicious gooeyness, or add a scoop of ice cream between 2 giant cookies to create one of our famous Rebel ‘wiches.

Our Offerings Now Include Our Sister Truck
“What Would Cheesus Do”

A grilled cheese sandwich is a beautiful thing.  It’s comfort food at its core, reminding you of home.  Made with the finest cheese and crafted with love, we want to bring you the grilled cheese sandwich of your dreams.  Order up by clicking the Learn More button.


Rebel Cookie Dough and Confections is the Doughpest mobile dessert food truck around! We don’t have a brick and mortar location, just our awesome little dessert truck on wheels.  This is what allows us to be anywhere our customers want us to be, so if you want us to swing by your neighborhood for some delicious rebellious fun, or cater a special event for you, just give us a shout, we’d love to add a smile to your day!  Otherwise, you can find us at following upcoming events

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People Are Raving About Rebel Cookie Dough

Some Of Our Irresistible Creations


Sizes can be mixed and matched between scoops of cookie dough and scoops of ice cream interchangeably


Lil’ Rebel - 1 Scoop

Perfect for a light snack or for your Lil’ Rebel

Mama Rebel - 2 Scoops

Two is better than one when it comes to dessert. Mix and match two of your favorites

Big Daddy Rebel - 3 Scoops

If you’re really into cookie dough and ice cream or just can’t decide on a flavor, then pick three


A single flavor of your favorite edible cookie dough flavor to take home and enjoy with the family (or keep it all to yourself, your secret is safe with us!)

Be A Rebel

Break Out of The Wedding Day Norm!

Why get a traditional wedding cake when you can have the Rebel Cookie Dough and Confections Dessert Trailer at your special event. Make your wedding memorable and wow your guests with delicious ice cream sandwiches (big or small), decadent fresh baked cookies, edible cookie dough, and ice cream!

What's it mean to be a REBEL?

Speak Your Mind

Live Your Own Truth

Follow Your Own Path

Be Fearless

Make a Positive Impact

Rebel Cookie Dough and Confections is so much more than an edible cookie dough and confections shop.  We are an organization that believes that being considered a Rebel is actually a desirable trait as being a Rebel means you aren’t afraid to speak your mind, to buck the status quo, to live your own truth, to follow your own path, and to be creative and fearless in all of your pursuits.

At Rebel Cookie Dough and Confections, the well being of our family, our pets, our community, and our customers, is incorporated into the decisions we make every day. We will continuously strive to be good stewards of the people we work with, the communities we serve, the families we love, the animals who comfort us, and the planet we all live on.

Giving Back

Rebel’s “All Heart” Efforts

At Rebel Cookie Dough and Confections, we do our best every day to incorporate important community and social considerations into everything we do.  Our organization’s biggest charitable initiative is accomplished through the sale of our “Rebel Canine Cookies”, because dogs definitely deserve dessert too.  Whether it’s to celebrate your pup’s special day, adopt-a-versary, celebrating their birthday, or to just to tell them “Thanks for being an all-around great fur friend!”, these distinctively delicious treats will get their tails wagging!

Our One-of-a-Kind dog treats for One-of-a-Kind dogs come in 4 delicious dessert flavors including Blueberry Muffin, Peanut Butter Crunch, Pumpkin Spice, and Apple Carrot Cake! Our dog treats are oven-baked in a human-grade kitchen, which requires higher production standards while using 100% real ingredients locally sourced in the USA. Our dog treats are made without wheat, soy, corn, dairy, antibiotics, hormones, or artificial anything so they are delicious AND nutritious.  Plus, they are only 10 calories per treat for those doggies who are trying to watch their figures.  We’re not saying you should eat your dog’s treats. We’re just saying you could!

Pets are important members of our families that play such pivotal roles in our lives.  As part of our company’s mission to “Do Well by Doing Good” our greatest goal is to team up with and support local animal shelters, rescues, and animal advocacy groups to help them raise awareness, funds, and the supplies they need with the goal of seeing more animals find their Forever Homes!  Through the purchase of our “Rebel Canine Cookies” dog treats, you will be helping contribute some much-needed support to deserving non-profits and the animals they serve.  One such group we support is My Fairy Dawg Mother (MFDM).  They are a Colorado-based non-profit dog rescue focused on finding the perfect long term home for each dog brought under their rescue umbrella. My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue, Inc, established in early 2011, boasts a 100% success rate with over 800 dogs that have been placed since the creation of the rescue.  My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue was founded in an effort to save abused and neglected dogs from across the United States, and pair them with loving and stable Colorado families.

We have a heart for dogs and have adopted many in our lifetime. We currently have three amazing fur babies named Chanel (aka Lil’ Rebel), Roxy (stray dog found on the streets) and Bentley (adopted through animal shelter) and are excited to be able to assist other dogs in need through the sales of our Rebel Canine Cookies.

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