Divine Grilled Cheese


A grilled cheese sandwich is a beautiful thing.  It’s comfort food at its core, reminding you of home.  Made with the finest cheese and crafted with love, I want to bring you the grilled cheese sandwich of your dreams.

Operating out of a bright turquoise food truck in Denver, CO, we like to think we look like an enormous Tiffany’s box with cheese inside instead of diamonds.  One might argue that cheese is even more valuable.


What Would Cheesus Do is the cheesiest mobile food truck around! We don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, just our awesome little truck on wheels.  This is what allows us to be anywhere our customers want us to be, so if you want us to swing by your neighborhood for some delicious fun, or cater a special event for you, just give us a shout, we’d love to add a smile to your day!  Otherwise, you can find us at the following upcoming events.


We believe in quality ingredients, the finest cheese with a mixture of seasonal ingredients always prepared with love and care.  What Would Cheesus Do was born while waiting for a post-hike meal from a food truck at a brewery near Denver, CO; at first blush, it seemed like a fun endeavor but a pipe dream.  It has now become a reality and we’ve committed ourselves to giving 110% to making this a dream come true.

We use only the most carefully crafted ingredients made with fresh cheese and bread. Our menu is ever changing based on local and seasonal ingredients available.

We hope you can feel the amount of care and love that has gone into the creation of each grilled cheese sandwich, and it inspires you to follow your dreams as well.  Who would have thought a toasted cheese sandwich could provide so much?

Whether you are grabbing a snack while enjoying a beer at a local watering hole, or you are following us on Twitter to find where we are parked, we hope you love your sandwich and what it represents.

Hungry for delicious treats?  A sweet treat from our sister food truck “Rebel Cookie Dough” goes great with a savory grilled cheese sandwich.  Learn more about our delicious cookie dough products, our schedule, and more by clicking the learn more button below.

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